Fiberworld 2020 Class List

Here’s our lineup of classes for the 2020 show. Classes start at $50, with great discounts the more classes you buy! (Because, really – who can choose?)

Classes in Alphabetical order:

Addictive Argyle!: Hat Project – Harry Wells – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

Love those classic diamond shapes called Argyle, but are mystified about how to accomplish them? In this class, you will learn the classic technique of knitting Argyle flat, with key tips and tricks, including how to wrap the yarn and a seaming method that makes the seam nearly invisible and not bulky.

Afterthought Everything – Sock Erica Kempf – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

Looking for a weird way to make a sock that lets you make two at once without magic loop? The Afterthought Everything Sock is for you! Created by knitting one very long tube that you cut apart to create your 2 socks and add heels, this sock will add several skills to your knitting tool belt.

Basic Knit Fixes – Amy Snell – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

You’ve learned to knit and are enjoying it, but…uh, oh, there’s something wrong with your knitting! Never fear, almost everything in knitting can be fixed. In this class, you’ll learn how to “read” your knitting to identify problems, what causes common issues like accidental holes and unintentionally expanding knitting, and how to fix many common problems.

Beads in a Cast On – Jean Glass – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

Come learn an exciting new way to put beads in your knitting — on your cast-on! You can make so many lovely things using this technique, like a gorgeous waterfall beaded edge on a shawlette. Once you know how to use this technique, you will want to use it on everything from scarves to shrugs!

Blocking & Fiber Care – Kate Atherley – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

Blocking: it’s a critical step in the finishing process for hand knits, but all too often ignored or skipped. It’s incredibly easy, and the value it provides is immense, taking an item from “completed” to truly, beautifully finished.

Brioche – In the round and flat – Megan Dupris – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT

Have you always wanted to knit Brioche, but were unsure how to start? Come and learn how ‘barking’ and ‘burping’ will lead you to create a beautiful knitted work of art!

Bruges Crochet – Mary Beth Temple – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

Bruges Crochet is based on antique Bruges lace, a type of bobbin lace made in Flanders/Belgium during the lace-making heyday of the mid-17th century and beyond. Learn to recreate the delicate ribbons and flowing lines of traditional Bruges lace in crochet.

Cables Front and Back – Jill Bigelow Suttell – Thu., Aug. 20, 11:00am EDT

Cables make a beautifully textured fabric…on the front, but what about the back? You can make the back of the fabric look just as pretty as the front with reversible cables.

Canna Sweater – Erica Kempf – Sat., Aug. 22, 11:00am EDT

Erica Kempf’s newest knitting pattern release, this striking asymmetrically striped sweater is perfect for using a color pack of mini skeins or a self striping sock yarn to really pop against a solid color background yarn. In the class we will be making a micro version of the sweater which will allow us to practice all the skills and understand the pattern before you tackle an adult sized sweater for yourself.

Cantiy – Abby Franquemont – Thu., Aug. 20, 3:00pm EDT

“Canti” means a larger plying spindle in Quechua, and “cantiy” means “to ply.” This class teaches you the traditional uses of this larger spindle for making 2-ply yarns, along with the yarn management techniques for doing so.

Color Block Pillow – Mary Beth Temple – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

This simple-to-stitch pillow cover is a terrific introduction to patchwork for the home. We will go over the basics of patchwork sewing, as well as how to easily install a zipper.

Colorwork Knitting in Portuguese Style – Andre de Castro

Part ONE – Sat., Aug. 22 – 11:00am EDT;

Part TWO – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

In this workshop, students will learn how to work with more than one color at the same time, using typical Portuguese motifs (tiles, tapestries…); all aspects of working with colors will be addressed.

Colorwork the Easy Way! Mosaic Knitting – Harry Wells – Sun., Aug. 23, 7:00pm EDT

Slip-stitch patterns can boast amazing colorwork without the hassle of stranding or working with multiple colors in a row! Along with the basic mosaic knitting technique, learn how charts are written and read differently for Mosaic knitting.

Continental & Combination knitting; knit and purl faster – Alanna Wilcox – Thu., Aug. 20, 3:00pm EDT

Would you like to learn how to knit and purl faster and more efficiently? Learning how to knit using the Continental method will not only help you gain speed but also will help ease any pains or fatigue you might experience in your hands.

Create a Mini Sista Girl Doll – LaShonda Rice – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

This class is a basic introduction to amigurumi. It is a scrap yarn-friendly class that works up to a perfect small gift!

Crisscrossing the Rainbow: Color Cables – Harry Wells – Fri., Aug. 21 – 4:00pm EDT

One can spend a knitting lifetime exploring the various lovely twists and turns that make up regular cable combinations. Now add color to that mix!

Crochet 101 – Helena Bristow – Thu., Aug. 20, 7:00pm EDT

This class is a basic introduction to crochet for beginners with no experience. We will go over the basics in detail, and by the end, you will be able to chain, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet (all in US terms).

Crochet a Floor Pouf – Erica Kempf – Thu., Aug. 20, 11:00am EDT

This class is meant to be a fun way to use fabric or yarn scraps to make something useful, with no materials needed except your scraps! We’ll also talk about stuffing options, especially using materials you might already have, like empty plastic bags, fabric scraps too small to use for anything else, etc.

Customizing Mitered Squares – Jill Bigelow Suttell – Thu., Aug. 20, 3:00pm EDT

Expand your knowledge of Mitered Squares. Add color for a stash-busting project, lace for an airy shawl, texture for depth, or a combination of all three.

Decorative Crochet Edgings for Knitters – Laurie Sims – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

Simple or fancy, a custom crochet edging can give your knitted project a beautiful flourish. Geared for those who seldom or never pick up a crochet hook, this class will give you basics of a smooth transitional foundation and a few simple-but-elegant edging patterns to finish any scarf or sweater perfectly.

Devilish Details: Seaming – Romi Hill – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT

A beautiful and successful project always comes down to the details! In this class, students will learn a variety of joining techniques.

Devilish Details: Short Rows – Romi Hill – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

A beautiful and successful project always comes down to the details! In this class, students will learn Japanese, Sunday, German, and wrap and turn short rows.

Dye Workshop – Helena Bristow – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT

Play with color and dye up a skein of your own yarn! In this introductory workshop, you will learn about how different types of dye work on different fibers.

Fiber with Beads: An Introduction – Jean Glass – Thu., Aug. 20, 3:00pm EDT

Have you always wanted to learn to put beads in your projects? Now is your chance to learn! This class will cover many ways to add beads to your pieces.

Fleece to Fabric – Lauren McElroy

Part ONE – Sat., Aug. 22 – 11:00am EDT;

Part TWO – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

This two part class is fundamental to anyone interested in spinning. Starting with the cleaned fleece, you will go through every step necessary to create finished yarn.

Flipside Awesomeness: Reversible Cables – Harry Wells – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT

Cables are lovely…until you flip them over. Now learn how to make them reversible! Learn what cables can and cannot be made reversible, and the resultant characteristics of the reversible cabled fabric.

Garment Closures without Buttonholes – Robyn Spady – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

Making a buttonhole can feel like a daunting task since it means putting a hole in a garment or fashion accessory. In this program, Robyn Spady will share different ideas and techniques to create closures that don’t require a buttonhole.

Harnessing the Power Of Color: Exploring various techniques for desired color outcomes – Alanna Wilcox – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT

Color can be an inspiring and intimidating force when creating your own yarns. This workshop will focus on how the color choices a spinner makes prior to sitting at the wheel influence the final outcome of color in their projects.

How to Knit Socks (Heel Flap and Gusset) – Lauren McElroy

Part ONE – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT;

Part TWO – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT;

Part THREE – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

This three part class will teach you everything you need to know about making a traditional heel flap sock. Session 1 will cover the basics of starting your sock. Session 2 will cover how to turn the hell of your sock (the essential flap and gusset). Lastly, session 3 will teach you how to end your sock.

Introduction to Double Knitting – Jill Bigelow Suttell – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

Double-knitting is a unique method of making a fabric with no ‘wrong’ side. Significantly different from the standard intarsia and Fair Isle colorwork, double-knitting makes a pattern on both sides of the fabric with the colors inverted.

Introduction to Tunisian Entrelac Crochet – Yvonne Tate – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT

If you like Tunisian crochet, get on point and try Tunisian entrelac! Build on your Tunisian crochet skills and take your knowledge up a notch.

Jewelry Making for Fiber Artists – Robyn Spady – Fri., Aug 21 – 7:00pm EDT

What can be done with leftover yarn and fabric? Well, make jewelry! In this class, Robyn Spady will share simple techniques to transform leftover materials into jewelry using a few simple tools, a little imagination, and traditional and non-traditional findings.

Kettle Dyeing Fiber and Yarn (Stovetop) – Daniel Brewer – Sat., Aug. 22 – 11:00am EDT

This class will be focused on a method for high-water kettle dyeing fiber with acid dyes on your home stovetop. This method can also be applied to yarn, though fiber will be used for the demonstration. Methods of application, control of color spread (resist and capture), and effect of prep and fiber type will be discussed.

Knit 101 – Helena Bristow – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

This class is a basic introduction to knitting for beginners with no experience. In it students will go over the basics in detail, at the end you will be able to knit, purl, cast on, and bind off.

Knitted Sweets – Mary Anne Mohanraj – Thu., Aug. 20 – 3:00pm EDT

Featuring knit & crochet cookies and knit chocolate bars, we’ll show you how to use embossed rollers and molds to make fun textile-inspired treats for your next stitch-and-bitch, or just to enjoy at home.

Knitting 101: For never before knitters – Lauren McElroy

Part ONE – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT;

Part TWO – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT

You will start by learning how to create a gauge swatch! Then you will learn how to apply your new skills to knitting a hat. Students will learn the basics of knitting, with casting on, knitting, purling, decreasing, casting off, and weaving in ends.

Knitting from the Inside Out – Romi Hill – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

Have you ever had a difficult time starting a project from the center? How about toe-up socks? Well-known designer Romi Hill shows you some great cast-ons!

Lace by Music – Andre de Castro – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

“Lace by music” is a unique type of lace knitting. Borders or edgings that were made by women in the most remote villages of Portugal. This style of lace has the particularity of being all made mostly of purl stitches and for that purpose a special “code” has been created to pass along those patterns from generation to generation.

Learn the Basics of Fair Isle knitting and Design – Paige Shipley – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

Students will be given a pattern for the Choose Your Own Adventure hat which includes information on how Fair Isle patterns are assembled. We start with basic peeries (small designs) and work our way up to harder designs, totally at the comfort level of the student.

Let’s Make A Notions Plate – Jim Atchison – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT

In this class, Jim will teach the basics of making pinch pots and will focus on a low and wide form, suitable for a ring dish, stitch marker holder, or a general notions holder. It can also be used as a candle holder.

Make a Beaded Cuff Bracelet? Of Course You Can! – Jean Glass – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT

You will learn to knit with beads and make a beautiful bracelet, too! In this class you will learn to knit with beads by pre-stringing the beads on some lovely hand-dyed yarn.

Martha Washington and Needlework – Denise Layman – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

This class would be a class that includes a little bit of a biography of the first First Lady Martha Washington and her interest in needlework. The pattern included would be for creating the shell motif from her well known set of chair covers that she made for Mount Vernon.

Mindfulness through Knitting – Deborah Stack – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

Many mainstream news headlines proudly declare that “Knitting is the New Yoga!,” perhaps without understanding much about either practice. This class provides a clear and actionable way for knitters to learn and practice traditional mindfulness techniques through their knitting hobby, providing access to mindfulness and breathwork from the comfort of your crafting space.

Needle Felt Sunrise Sunset Abstract Landscape – Cecilia Ho – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

Learn the basic 2D needle felting technique & create an abstract Sunrise Sunset Landscape Wool Painting. Discover how a felting needle can replace a paintbrush to create a decorative work of art.

OOOPS! Correcting Knitting Mistakes (and Preventing Them) – Harry Wells – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

Ever look at your knitting and say, “What happened THERE?”, or panicked as a dropped stitch ran down it, or picked up your knitting project and wondered “Where am I in the pattern?”—how many decreases/increases have I worked, what row was I on, etc.? And why did this end up too big/too small?? Take this class!

Optical Color Mixing, Blending & Needle Felting – Cecilia Ho – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

Colorful Wool can be mixed & blended & transformed into an unique oil painting-like landscape image by using the felting technique. Optical blending, or Color mixing, is a visual phenomenon that occurs when small amounts of unmixed colors are placed side by side on a painting.

Planning Your Sock Project – Tips and Tricks – Amy Snell – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

A great deal of the success (or lack thereof) of our sock knitting projects depends on the decisions we make before even picking up the needles. In this class, we’ll cover the pros and cons of all the major decisions you make when knitting socks.

Portuguese Knitting for Beginners – Andre de Castro – Thu., Aug. 20 – 11:00am EDT

In this workshop students will be able to learn through simple samples of stitches the basics of the Portuguese Knitting Style.

Project power! – How to take control of your spinning for the best project outcomes – Alanna Wilcox – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

Now that you know how to spin a continuous yarn you might have questions like “How can I spin more consistently”, “How can I control the thickness of my yarn?” or “How can I control how dense my yarn is?”. This workshop will answer those questions by teaching you techniques for you!

Pulled Work Embroidery for Beginners – Jennie Hawkey – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT;

Take embroidered cloth to the next level. Pulled work uses a fine linen or cotton thread to stitch beautiful designs into fabric. Using purchased or handwoven cloth, you will see examples and try a variety of beautiful pulled-work stitches.

Seamless Sweaters In The Round – Paula Pereira

Part ONE – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT;

Part TWO – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

Seamless sweaters knitted from the top down with a circular yoke: breaking down and exploring the steps to knit your own favorite sweater! Participants will receive a basic “vanilla” sweater pattern as a gift. The pattern will be helpful as a guide to follow the steps of the Top-down seamless circular yoke sweater!

Secrets of Splicing: Up Your Ends Game – Amy Snell – Thu., Aug. 20 – 11:00am EDT

When joining new yarn, the ideal splice is smooth, strong, and nearly invisible. We’ll practice spit splicing, the Russian join, and many other ways to start a new ball of yarn, including special options for color work.

Sewing the Deaconness-style Pleated Face Mask – Mary Anne Mohanraj – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

Bring your sewing machine, fabric, and tools if you want to sew along with us, or just come watch as we talk and walk through the steps for creating a mask with two layers of 100% cotton, a sewn-in layer of filter fabric, and a metal nose piece.

Shawl Magic – Francoise Danoy – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

Students will learn how to knit the three most popular shawl shapes: triangular, crescent, and asymmetrical triangular. The class will demystify the process of shawl construction and allow students to diversify their shawl design library.

Shawl Skills: Fabulous Starts and Finishes – Kate Atherley – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT

Shawls are excellent warm-weather knitting, and there are projects for all skill levels and tastes. This session focuses on key techniques to make shawl projects even more fun!

Slip, Tuck, and Twist – Jill Bigelow Suttell – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

Have even more fun with slipped stitches. This class highlights some of the more unusual slipped stitch techniques.

So you want to start a craft business? – Jean Glass – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

Your instructor has picked up so many tips and tricks over the years, and she would love to share some with you to help you create your business. It can be so rewarding to have a small business. It is a lot of work, but it is totally worth it.

Sock Heel Class – Ronald Roberts – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

In this class we’ll explore different heel constructions, discuss when and why to use them, and practice making heels of various styles. It’s a great way to practice new constructions without making an entire sock!

Sock Skills: Afterthought Heels – Amy Snell – Sat., Aug. 22 – 11:00am EDT

In this class you will learn the simplest and perhaps most ideal sock heel: the afterthought heel. This heel works for both toe-up and top-down socks.

Sock Skills: Binding Off – Amy Snell – Sun., Aug. 23 – 11:00am EDT

Stretchy bind-offs are crucial to sock wearability! In this class, you’ll learn several great options for finishing your sock tops, including Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Bind-Off, and several others. We’ll also talk about ribbing choices and some tricks to perfect your finished project.

Sock Skills: Casting On for Toe-Up Socks – Amy Snell – Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

Knitting socks from the toe up is a simple way to make socks without referring to a pattern, counting or measuring. In this class, you’ll learn Judy’s Magic Cast on for toe-up socks, first learning to cast on for one sock, then extending the technique so you can work two at the same time.

The Handspun Hat – Heddi Craft – Thu., Aug. 20 – 7:00pm EDT

In this class, you will learn how to measure your handspun or mystery yarn and choose the correct needle size for it. You’ll then knit a gauge swatch and calculate the stitch counts to make a custom hat to fit your head with your yarn. We’ll discuss how to vary your hat with different stitch patterns. You will leave with the know-how to make custom hats with all your handspun yarn!

The Long-Lasting Sock – Kate Atherley – Thu., Aug. 20 – 11:00am EDT

Make your handknit socks last longer! This class will focus on practical solutions. We’ll talk about how to start with longevity in mind: a discussion of yarn type, fabric and fit.

The Magic of Mosaic – Amy Snell – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

Learn to make striking color patterns in your knitting, while working only one color per row. Mosaic knitting is incredibly popular right now, and with good reason. It is simple to learn, but once you’ve mastered the concept, the possibilities for play are limitless.

The Starry Night : Step-by-Step Wool Painting – Cecilia Ho – Sat., Aug. 22 – 11:00am EDT

Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” is one of the famous masterpieces that many enjoy. The colors and the movement of the wind are great to be re-created with wool rovings. In this workshop, you will learn how to mix colorful wool fibers & then needle felt to achieve a beautiful simplified version of The Starry Night wool painting.

Tips and Tricks for Next-Level Knitting – Amy Snell – Thu., Aug. 20 – 3:00pm EDT

Have you been struggling with some of the finer points of knitting, like too-tight bind-offs or decreases that don’t match? Then this is the perfect class! In this class, we’ll explore solutions for all of these problems and many more of the common issues that plague knitters.

Toe At A Time – Hilma Bakken – Sat., Aug. 22 – 3:00pm EDT

We will knit socks from the toe up, two at a time. We’ll make a small pair, so that we can cover the basics and finish the heel in these two hours.

Top-Down Garment Boot Camp – Kate Atherley

Part ONE – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT;

Part TWO – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

The top-down one-piece garment construction is very popular, but the patterns can be challenging and mysterious for a newer knitter. This class explains how they work and takes you through the process of working a complete mini-sweater project, demonstrating all the skills and techniques you need to successfully work any such design.

Trimming Techniques from Couture Passementerie – Robyn Spady – Sat., Aug. 22 – 7:00pm EDT

In this class, the emphasis will be on trims. Robyn Spady will share insight into how many couture fashion designers incorporated passementerie into their garments from the perspective of how simple some of the techniques are and how they could be easily recreated and adapted into our own wardrobes.

Tunisian Crochet Basics – Mary Beth Temple – Thu., Aug. 20 – 11:00am EDT

Tunisian crochet is a technique that both knitters and crocheters love and it can produce a wide variety of fabrics, from knit-look patterns to the most delicate of laces. This class is for those who are new to the technique and will cover starting and ending projects and the three basic stitches.

Two-Color Crochet Stitches, One Color at a Time! – Mary Beth Temple – Sun., Aug. 23 – 3:00pm EDT

Don’t let colorwork scare you – there are many different types of stitches you can crochet while working with only one color of yarn at a time, and without leaving any ugly floats. In this class you will learn several colorful stitches.

Warping 101 – Jennie Hawkey – Fri., Aug. 21 – 7:00pm EDT

Begin Your Weaving Journey! You fell in love with weaving but are worried that you can’t warp your loom. In fact, warping the loom is standing in the way of what you really want to do — weave beautiful cloth.

Wet Felting Washcloth/Coaster – Cecilia Ho – Sun., Aug. 23 – 7:00pm EDT

Wet Felting is an ancient felt making technique to create seamless pieces of felt fabric. Wool is durable, naturally antimicrobial, breathable, odour & stain-resistant. In this workshop, you will learn how to pull & lay out the wool fibers. Then followed by wet felting technique to create a decorative yet functional washcloth or coaster or even used as dishcloth.

Wrist Warmers: Two at a Time – Hilma Bakken – Fri., Aug. 21 – 3:00pm EDT

We will follow my simple pattern for wrist warmers and make them both at once and let some stitches slip.

Yarn Dyeing with a Twist for Beginners, Hobbyists and Yarn Dyers – Valerie Ng 

Part ONE– Thu., Aug. 20 – 11:00am EDT;

Part TWO- Fri., Aug. 21 – 11:00am EDT

In this class, you will be introduced to various printing and painting techniques that will enable you to transform a blank piece of knitted fabric (a sock blank for example) into something colourful and fun. This programme will cover the basics of working with thickened dyes and some useful techniques that will help realise your ideas.”