Your new favorite fiber and lifestyle show, designed just for the internet. 

August 19-23 

Interact with vendors live in their virtual booths our virtual Marketplace is extensive and open all weekend long.

Virtual live classes with incredible instructors.

A Mainstage live stream of demos, lectures and panels on everything from sheep shearing to the politics of fiber.

Prominent hosts serving up back-to-back interviews, auctions, games, and of course a fashion show!

Live chat with friends old and new in virtual lounges and parties.

And tons more!

Purchase Your Virtual Ticket:

Tickets $15 – $25

And once you have your ticket…

Classes start at $50

 Show Opens In…

Our 2020 Hosts:


“Be Brave, Be Fearless.” Everything about this revolutionary artist and designer embodies his House of Nassat credo. From Fashion Week to the stage, his impact of innovation and change is resonant.

Mary Anne

An activist, author and post-colonial academic, Mary Anne can teach and demolish the concept of the domestic arts simultaneously. Her Serendib brand is lifestyle’s new wave.


Designer, teacher, author and illustrator, Franklin is an international fiber arts nerd who remembers all the 19th century synonyms for “purl” but can’t find his good scissors.


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